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Portland Ductless Mini Split Systems

With recent advances in HVAC technology, keeping your Portland home warm while saving money on energy costs has never been easier. Ductless mini split heating systems offer a more energy efficient way to keep your home comfortable all winter long.

Ductless mini split heating systems are not only a great solution for the property owner seeking to lower their energy bills, but can also be a cost effective solution for Portland buildings that may need extensive ductwork to accommodate a traditional HVAC system. At Roth Heating and Cooling, we have years of experience in new ductless mini split heating system installation and can help you choose the solution that fits your budget. With flexible zoning options, ductless systems help keep your home at a comfortable, consistant temperature during those cold winter months.

Reducing energy costs isn't the only benefit you'll experience with a new ductless mini split heating system. Because no ductwork is needed, you don't have to worry about dirty air ducts carrying bacteria, dust, or allergens into the air you breathe. Any ductless mini split heating system installed by Roth Heating and Cooling meets Energy Star guidelines for improved efficiency and a lower carbon output which reduces its effects on the environment.

Already have a ductless mini split heating system that isn't working properly? Roth Heating and Cooling can help with repairing and replacing your current system to get your Portland home back to a safe, comfortable environment.

Whether you need a brand new system, or just a simple repair, no job is too big or too small for our expert contractors. Call (Sorry, we are unavailable) to schedule service.

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